The company

TRAILSLIGHT is a start-up born to spread in the global lighting market the cutting-edge light control system TRAILS.

The team holds strong STEM professional competence with a deep passion abou technology, both necessary ingredients that jointly with experience are necessary to bring strong innovations on the market.

Awards qualifying results obtained until today and representing a flywheel for future developments.

To Design High Level Technology Innovation making it accessible and ready to be adopt by the Comunity and the Planet.

Trailslight team everyday commits its innovation ability and experience in the whole field of electronics, software and automation to build new solution with positive sustainable impact thanks to efficency enhancements.

TRAILS Technology has been ideated thanks to this constant commitment, to make use of intelligent sound analysis to enable adaptive lighting. The first system in the world using field street environment sound to dim the public lighting infrastructure.

TRAILS is a patented solution holding several awards and we believe several are yet to be obtained. Through these latter, the Regione Emilia Romagna Prize for Responsible Innovation in the field of Green transition.


A single easy to install device, ready for use


Supervision System to manage Energy Plant in general and Lighting Infrastructures


Maximum level of widespread energy saving for your Public Lighting Infrastructure

Thanks to its conviencence, ease of use and high level of integrated functions, Trails allows Public Lighting Infrastructure maximum level of efficiency in full compliance with EN 13201/UNI 11248 norm, while never making any compromise regarding street safety, dimming light poles and never turning them off.